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Solar Panel System Design & Installation The Future of Solar

Brisbane Solar Power Experts

Solar power is the future. For homeowners, a solar power system helps you cut down on your electricity bills and ensure that your home is well placed for the future. 


For our builders, energy rating certifications on new builds are reaching record-breaking numbers, with solar an important part of home efficiency. And when it comes to renovations and upgrades of homes, rooftop solar PV installations are skyrocketing across Australia.

Solar power is more affordable than ever for homes and commercial buildings. So, whether you’re undergoing renovation work, receiving high electricity and energy bills or just want to install a modern solar power system in your home or commercial fit out, now is the perfect time.

solar experts wearing harnesses installing solar panels on a residential property Brisbane

Our Solar Services

Our team of professionals can help. 

We will design the optimal cost-saving and power maximising solar system that suits your home or commercial build’s specific energy needs and gets you saving into the future – looking at factors such as energy consumption and how much energy your building uses. 


Looking for good quality renewable energy sources is a great idea and installing a solar PV system designed to decrease money spent on electricity bills is why we love working with solar panels and any solar power system.


We work in both the commercial and residential space providing solar and battery bank solutions that help our customers dramatically decrease their electricity bills, and ensure they’re primed for the future with a solar power system that delivers high energy efficiency. Choosing solar PV systems and the deep cycle battery bank that comes alongside it is a smart choice for the future. 

How We Work to Create Your Solar Power System

Preliminary Design

We analyse your electricity bill, switchboard photo and any future consumption loads you may have. We also review aerial digital imaging and shade analysis tools to identify where your rooftop may be shaded and how this may change throughout the year so we can determine the optimal position of solar panels for the solar systems to generate maximum exposure. Once we’ve gathered and reviewed this information, we create a preliminary solar system design for your review.

Site Visit

Once you’ve had a chance to review the preliminary design, we’ll arrange for a site visit within the next day or two. We use this time to discuss the design, and answer any questions you may have. We also measure up the roof space for your new solar panel, review your switchboard and determine whether there’s any other electrical work that may need doing.

Formal Quote

We’ll go above and beyond to ensure that you have all options presented to you. Whether it’s solar panels or complete solar systems, we will give you all of the options available to you. We formalise a few different options for you to consider along with a quote for the associated work. We also provide detailed solar production estimates for each month of the year.

Quote Approval and Work Commencement

We know how quickly you want to get your new solar system up and running to get the maximum benefit from them. Not to worry, once you’ve approved the quote, we generally begin work in approximately two to three weeks so that you can be enjoying the power of your new solar power system.

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Why choose solar PV panels and systems?

Photovoltaic solar panels or PV panels are intentionally designed to capture sunlight and convert it into electricity for a household to use. They are made up of a variety of components, including inverters, solar panels, backup interface or grid isolation control equipment, and a battery bank. The main purpose of a PV module is to convert the sunlight into electricity generated.


An inverter with its inbuilt Maximum Power Point Trackers (MPPT’s) will ensure that the solar panels are always working at maximum efficiency, no matter what the conditions.


The solar array voltage must match the inverter MPPT voltage operating window and the inverter has the ability to buck or boost the DC voltage to match the battery charging DC voltage. Photovoltaic panels were intentionally designed to create direct current electricity and are incredibly useful in a range of situations.


Solar modules have been around for years and are constantly helping Australians step towards a greener future with their new solar panel and PV panels ready to help.

12 or 24 Month Zero or Low Interest Green Loans

We can offer 12 month or 24 month zero or low-interest green loans through renewable energy finance company, Plenti. Getting cleaner, more cost-effective energy shouldn’t be difficult.

solar system installation on a roof in Brisbane

Fully Licensed and Accredited

We are fully licensed and hold Clean Energy Council Grid Connect Design and Installation Solar PV Accreditation with Battery Storage Endorsement

3D Energy is a certified and endorsed Solar Professional Installer with REC

Benefits of Solar

Cost Effective

We supply high quality solar panels, inverters and batteries designed by industry-leading and highly-reputable global manufacturers with long warranty periods to protect you. These materials last and continue to perform very well in the harsh Australian climate.

Excellent Product Warranties

Good quality solar panels have a 25-year product warranty, making them a great investment. A solar panel that has been installed correctly is a worthwhile product to invest into as it will last a long time and provide the house with a great energy source.

Backup Power

A battery storage system can ensure that essential circuits (such as lighting and power) continue to operate even when there’s a grid failure. Storage batteries are a great choice in case of power failure or any energy lost in the system.

Cleaner Energy

Solar power is a renewable, free source of energy. It’s sustainable, inexhaustible and non-polluting and will help keep Australia and the rest of the world looking beautiful for years to come. 

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