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Your Expert on the Ground

3D Energy is a South East Queensland-based electrical and solar company with over 30 years of experience in the industry and 10 years operating as 3D Energy. But from our perspective, that’s not really what matters.

What matters to us are the other things.

While we couldn’t do what we do without experience and expertise, what we really pride ourselves on is being your expert on the ground, whether you need general electrical work, a large renovation job completed or a new solar system installed. That means that we’re here from the start to help you design a solar installation or find an electrical solution. But, more importantly, we’re also here after the work is complete, to make sure that you have support that you need into the future.

We couldn’t do that without our excellent Brisbane-based team. We stand out from generic electrical and solar sales companies because we never subcontract out our work to the lowest bidder. From start to finish our customers work with our in-house team of experienced electricians and solar specialists. And each of our team members is fully trained to work with our clients—not just in their area of expertise—but also in providing an excellent customer experience each time, every time.

3D Energy's Director Matthew Giddins wiring up a switchboard

It's About The Relationships

For us, it’s about our relationships. With each homeowner or builder that we work with, our goal is to build the kind of trust relationship that has them coming back to us each time they need electrical or solar work. We do this by giving excellent customer service, up-to-date and tailored advice and outstanding results.

Service + Materials

When it comes to electrical and solar work, great service has to be accompanied by great materials. It wouldn’t matter how nice we were if we installed a low-grade solar system in your home. That’s why we use and recommend very good quality materials that will last in the harsh Australian conditions. And we ensure that every product is trusted within the industry and backed by a good manufacturer warranty.

Reviews + Testimonials

We think we’re best in class when it comes to electrical and solar services. But thankfully, our customers do, too. So when it comes to tooting our horn, we’re glad that others do it for us!

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