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Solar Panel Repair & Electrical Maintenance
Keeping You Up and Running

3D Energy are Full Service Electrical and Solar Experts

Whether you’re undertaking a full scale renovation or simply changing over your smoke alarms to meet the new regulations. Whether you’re installing a full solar system or just need a panel clean or underperforming system inspected. Or, whether you have a fault in your wiring or your inverter is failing to turn on, at 3D Energy, we’re always here to help.

As full service electrical and solar experts our job isn’t limited to one aspect of the work. We’re here to be your partner in your house or commercial project, to ensure that you’re getting the results you need, and that everything continues to work seamlessly into the future.

Young family looking at their new solar panels

Electrical Renovation Services

When it comes to home renovations, you need an electrician that’s across all the issues that you might face. At 3D Energy, we have over 30 years of experience in a wide range of electrical work. And our local in-house team is on-the-ground, ready to help you with all your electrical questions, crises and needs.


We’ll work with you to design an electrical system that will function seamlessly in your new home. We’ll offer innovative and up-to-date solutions and high-quality products that are energy efficient and backed by industry trust and reputation. And we’ll minimise your stress by being timely, courteous, reliable, consistent, punctual and respectful. Every time.

Check out the residential and commercial services we offer below:

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Electrical Renovation Services

Solar Renovations & Repairs Brisbane

Faults & Maintenance

Like anything, solar power systems may sometimes fail. Whether that’s an inverter fault, faulty panels, reduced performance or anything else relating to your solar system, we’re here to figure it out, and sort it out.

Our experts will test your system and identify the faulty components. Then we’ll replace this equipment to get you back up and running with the minimum of turnaround time.

Electrical issues

Solar production issues can be caused by earth faults in solar panels or inverter, faulty wiring or faulty components. Consulting an electrician that specialises in solar panel work is the best way to resolve these faults.


Also known as microcracks represent a form of cell degradation and as the name suggests, can appear as small fractures or cracks in the solar cells. They can vary in length and can affect the energy output and system lifetime. Care should be taken in the delivery and installation process to prevent this and install only reputable products.

Hot spots

The most common issue with solar panels, hot spots are caused by the overheating of a certain area within a solar cell. Poorly soldered connections, poor manufacturing processes and accumulated dirt on panels are two common causes of overheating solar cells. Long term, this can cause reduced function, or even render the solar panels unrepairable and unusable.

Potential Induced Degradation (PID

The PID effect stems from a voltage difference between the electrical ground and the solar panel. Over time, PID can reduce the lifespan of solar panels, by reducing their efficiency and performance. The solution may be solar panel maintenance.

Birds nesting in the solar panel system

Birds and possums nesting beneath solar panels can restrict their short-term and long-term functionality. Rodent proofing solutions such as solar skirting around the perimeter of the solar array can help reduce this.

Snail Trails

Brown lines on panels, similar to that of a snail's trail, can be the result of defective silver paste causing condensation and oxidisation within solar cells, leading to performance issues and failure.

Damage to Roofs & Roof Related Issues

In rare cases, solar panels or mounting systems can damage the structure or integrity of your roof if dissimilar metals are installed touching each other thus creating an unsafe situation.

Inverter problems

Solar panels work by converting energy from the sun's DC current to the AC current used in houses and buildings through solar inverters. Most solar inverter brands last up to 10 years, but the good quality solar panels lasts for up to 25 years. The solution is often either inverter repairs or installing new inverters to facilitate longer usage of the solar system.

Our experts will test your system and identify what faulty components need repair. We’ll then replace this equipment to get you back up and running with the minimum of turnaround time.

Have solar system issues not listed above? Need any other solar repairs in brisbane?

Get in Touch with us and see what we can do!

Residential solar batteries

Solar Advice

Of course, sometimes replacing the old failing system with a new solar system makes the best financial sense, particularly when the original system isn’t of the best quality. In that case, we’re happy to provide you with full solar advice so you can be sure you’re getting the best system for your needs. And that it’s backed by fantastic warranties of up to 25 years that will prevent you from having to replace another system in a short amount of time.

Solar Maintenance

The Australian & New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 5033:2021 recommends regular periodic inspection and maintenance of solar systems. Doing this helps you make sure there are no hotspots on panels, damaged cables or any other problems that will stop your system from performing as it should.

3D Energy has Clean Energy Council accredited electricians that can perform this work and provide a full solar maintenance report. If we do find any problems, we can provide recommendations and solutions that will help you to get the best out of your system. This includes panel cleaning or installing solar skirting around the solar array to avoid possums and pigeons damaging your equipment. 

For a small outlay you can have peace of mind that your system is operating efficiently and safely with no risk of potential fire hazards from hotspots.

Cleaning solar panels with brush and water

Why Choose 3D Energy for Solar Panels Brisbane?

For great, professional service when it comes to your energy and solar system needs – choose 3D Energy!

The One Stop Shop for Anything Electrical, Solar or Energy in QLD

If you’re thinking of getting any electrical work done in Brisbane, the Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast, choose 3D Energy for your commercial and residential energy needs. All of our services are provided by our friendly inhouse team, who will assess your property, tailor a solar solution to your requirements and explain how to maintain it for lasting efficiency.

Expertise and Experience in Solar and Electrical

Our team boasts over 30 years of electrical experience and have been working with Solar since it first took off in Australia. Whether you're setting up your solar panel system or undergoing solar panel repairs, you can be confident that we are the solar specialists in South-East Queensland. Our team has the knowledge of, and experience within the electrical and solar industry to provide expert advice on how you can save money on your power bills and energy bills. Our team of experienced solar electricians deliver guaranteed workmanship and for all your solar panel repairs.

Quality Assurance & Warranty

We believe quality products and servicing is the path to long lasting, effective solar solutions. All the materials and equipment we use to deliver our services are up to industry standards. As REC professional solar installers, we offer a 25 year Pro Trust Warranty on the REC solar panels we install so you can rest assured your solar panel will work without issues for its full lifetime.

Certified and Endorsed Industry Experts

We are certified and endorsed to install solar products from leading solar manufacturing companies, including REC & SolarEdge batteries and products, among others, such as LG Energy Solutions batteries.

Sustainable Financing Plans

Unable to fully finance the switch to solar? Through our partner “Plenti” - a renewable energy financing firm, we can offer our clients “Plenti”low interest green loans to help you make the switch to sustainable energy.

Trusted by Locals

With over 30 years electrical experience that saw us involved in solar since it first took off in Australia, we’re proudly the Brisbane local’s choice for smart solar & electrical installations. With a 5 star Google Review score from over 36 clients, our customers know that if they need any energy related work done - they can come to 3D Energy for help.

Happy Customers

3D Energy has a 5 star rating on Google Reviews.

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